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Team success depends on the mental toughness of team members as well as championship-level teamwork. Professional teams win because coaches know how to instil confidence, maintain composure, and cultivate progression among athletes. These are not the qualities that depend on muscles, stamina, or coordination; these are all the mental qualities that can make or break an individual or a team.

Does your team need to get ahead? 

Working with a mental performance coach who leads the field is the way to do it. Professional and amateur athletes alike know that if you want to improve; you use the Mental Coaching University. There is simply no better way available.

From expert training in your mental game to coaching in training techniques, this program will boost your athlete’s confidence and lead to more consistent results. Benjamin’s Mental Coaching University is aimed at achieving one goal above all else: SUCCESS.

Whether you are an amateur club or competing at the top of your sport, our techniques will get you and your team to understand what you need to understand when it comes to mental toughness. That is our goal, and that is our promise.

By learning Benjamin’s tried and true mental coaching system, greater confidence and superior performance will be yours. For fifteen years, Benjamin has dedicated himself to studying and researching self-development, and along the way, he has become a veritable expert in the field of peak performance. You push, you push, and you hit a wall. What Benjamin does gets you beyond that wall so that you can move faster, go further, and push harder than you ever imagined possible.

This is the next level of athletic training.

Our video case studies, session summaries, mental training worksheets, and more are all included in this program.

The Mental Coaching University goes in depth on the failings and achievements of the modern athlete, breaking down the details for your benefit, not only now but in the long term as well. Be better tomorrow and every tomorrow that follows.

In this program, you get it all: practical mental coach training from an expert plus questions that are specific to your needs. Learn how to do mental alterations, how to teach mental training strategies to athletes, and how to respond intelligently to your demographic. In short, become an expert just like Benjamin.

This platform is only available on application. 

Below are the most popular methods of delivery that are requested by athletes and teams.

  • 1-TO-1 CONSULTATIONS: This is the most common form of delivery. Typically 1 hour sessions delivered face to face or via phone.
  • EDUCATION WORKSHOPS: Typically, captains or coaches will collaborate on a workshop idea for delivery to a group of athletes which focuses on an aspect of wellbeing or performance.
  • WELLBEING & PERFORMANCE CLINICS: Some teams prefer to run a regular clinic once a week/month whereby athletes can book slots and pop in for consultations. This is often at the training ground/facility.
  • TEAM PODCASTS: A very popular and entertaining method of delivery for teams with strong cultures. Team members record a podcast discussing the impact of psychology on their sport – this is then edited and shared with the rest of the team to enjoy during training/ in the gym/ travel/ on the way to matches/ during downtime.

Fee’s start from £45,000. For further information please contact us at: