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One To One Athlete Coaching.

Being More Than Just Fitness.


“I’m not the man if you want to learn what foods to eat or what swim sets are going to reduce your time by seconds…I am the man when it comes to the mental improvements that make a difference. If I think I can help, then I’ll drive you hard and fast to get the results you want!” – Benjamin Bonetti

Benjamin Bonetti is an International Five Time #1 Bestselling Self-Help Author; a specialist in assisting athletes improve their mental performance and overcome limiting beliefs. His no-nonsense, unconventional and hands on approach towards sports performance has honoured him a place alongside multiple highly respected names within the industry.

Known for his privacy, Benjamin continues to support athletes both on and off the field, addressing issues beyond their present sporting commitment and into post career struggles.

Popular Areas of Support.

  • COMPETITION ANXIETY: Crush it in training but struggle with competition pressure? We can work towards eliminating or reducing this, and bring our practice A game to competition.
  • MOTIVATION & ENJOYMENT: Are you not getting the same buzz that you used to? Are you dragging yourself to training? We can work to rediscover that fire that drives elite performance.
  • DEALING WITH INJURY: Dealt an unlucky set-back? We can work to attack rehab in a way that will prepare us as best as possible for our return to action.
  • FOCUS & CONCENTRATION: Do you lose your focus at key points? Find it hard to maintain concentration for long periods? We can work towards staying focused and being ready for the key moments.
  • TEAM DYNAMICS: Are you a coach or a captain that need to prepare your team mentally for competition. We can collaborate together to see what Sport Psychology can contribute to building your winning team.
  • CONFIDENCE: Running low on confidence? Whether it’s a long running issue or a temporary blip we can work together to try and improve your confidence.

Benjamin has honed his skills over the last 14 years to help you realign your mindful wellbeing and increase your performance through specific and proven training methods.

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Can he help you?

Typically, with the right dedicated clients results can be achieved within the first 3 sessions of working together, depending on where you are with your training you could see an improvement in your performance within days after your initial coaching call.

Are you interested in learning more and getting started? Start out by filling out a coaching application. 

Once the application has been complete Benjamin will determine whether he feels he can help you or not. Once that has been determined we will arrange a call and get to work.  

NOTE: We kindly ask that those applying are serious and able to move forward with a reservation deposit if required. If you prefer email us at INFO@PROSPORTSPSYCHOLOGIST.COM

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