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“I’m still surprised at how many athletes stop just short of their full potential because they fail to accept the need for mental agility. Hours are invested to perfect the physical form but guess what controls it!” 

Benjamin Bonetti (2015 Presentation To Olympic Athletes)

You’ve trained your physical game, now it’s time to train your mental game. Build your mental skills; increase your confidence, boost your motivation, develop greater self-awareness and ability to focus under pressure, deal with setbacks and mistakes, and be mentally ready to perform on competition day. 

With the 8 Weeks to Mental Fit Membership, you get 8 weeks of online and interactive webinars, 8 weeks of accountability coaching calls with a master mindset coach, more than 700 pages of written content, more than 5 hours of audio content, and a 15% discount on all further coaching materials.

While other programs are content with making empty promises that they have no intention of filling, 8 Weeks to Mental Fit is an intensive online training program that will instill in you real-world techniques to improve your mental clarity, your focus, your endurance, and your awareness. 

Based on the Athlete Mastery Program, which is highly regarded among elite athletes around the world, this program presents an easy-to-understand framework that will forge you into the best possible version of yourself.

Don’t settle for average. 

Don’t settle for mediocre. 

You have the ability to shift your values and your beliefs, to overcome negative self-talk, and to discipline yourself like you never have before. 

There is great potential in you, and this program will show you how to unleash it.

Still not fully convinced? 

This program is covered by our triple membership guarantee: you can count on timely delivery, you can count on affordability, and you can count on 100% satisfaction. 

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