30-Day PSP Triathlete Training Program. - Pro Sports Psychologist

30-Day PSP Triathlete Training Program.

Being More Than Just Fitness.

20-Week P.S.P Triathlon Coaching, Unparalleled In The Market. Designed For Professional & Age Group Athletes.

Triathlon as a sport is one of the most physically and mentally demanding; combining three technical disciplines it requires a rounded and confident athlete irrelevant of expectation or experience.

With a combined 40 years coaching experience within the sport of triathlon, our 20-Week P.S.P Triathlon Coaching programming offers one hour direct weekly access to one of our leading sports psychological and our triathlon performance coach David Risebrow.

The benefits of the daily accountability offered within the 20-Week P.S.P Triathlon Coaching Programming are undeniable.

David: With a 70.3 World Championship and the British Super Series under his belt, David is able to provide expert advice while understanding the high demands and expectations of a serious competitor.

I understand the extensive time training needs; therefore all my training plans work within realistic expectation with focus towards maximum return. No messing about, just hardcore results – David Risebrow.

Benjamin: A Bestselling International & Olympic Psychologist, Veteran, Age Group Ironman Triathlete, Cross-Country Skier, Marathon Runner And Functional Fitness Coach, Benjamin is perfectly equipped to work with athletes with a number of psychological and physical needs.

I’m really excited about this new triathlete platform, with the combination of all three areas, Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Coaching – this new way of delivery will offer clients an unparalleled platform to develop beyond what has previously been possible – Benjamin Bonetti

No training plans are offered the same and are revised weekly specifically to incorporate progress and uncontrollable.

This has proven to ensure a steady and sustainable progression is maintained while minimising the risk of injury.

We don’t offer a tier pricing structure by removing elements, we believe each aspect is fundamentally equal in the development for our clients and the removal would fail to delivery the results expected.

By Application only. Fee: £6500 (Two Slots Remaining For 2019).